Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Download Now Available

Mozilla has finally made the Firefox 4 beta download available which can be found here.

The new web browser has been in development for a while now. The version being released is Firefox 4 Beta 1 and is the first version that’s stable enough to be used by regular users although some bugs could still be present and you might have some compatibility issues with any plugins you have been using on version 3.X.

Several things have changed in the new version of the browser. The first is the user interface. Mozilla have worked to make Firefox 4 more streamlined and modern. Tabs have been moved above the regular menu (similar to where Google Chrome has the tabs). The menu bar has actually gone and has been replaced by a single button called the Firefox Button”. Clicking on the button opens up the menu system. The buttons have had a tidy up too with the stop and reload buttons now being combined in to one button.

Other changes include crash protection. When a plugin decides to crash, only the current web page crashes and not the whole browser. All you need to do at this point is re-open a tab and navigate back to where you were.

HTML5 has been included and now has even better support. A new HTML parser has been included that replaces the old one as well as drops a number of bugs from the older version.

It looks like a decent update and one worth checking out assuming you are ok with possible problems with add-ons not working fully.

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