Motorola Xoom 4G Upgrade Details

Earlier this week we wrote that the Motorola Xoom was launching today and along side that launch, details of how to upgrade to 4G were being made available. Droid-Life managed to get hold of the details a little earlier that let us know what the requirements are.

The basic details indicate that the device ships 3G today. In about 90 days time, some time in May, Verizon will announce the 4G upgrade process is available. This will require that you ship your Motorola Xoom to them and in 6 or so days, they will update the hardware to 4G (free of charge) and also update the software. Once done, you’ll get the Xoom back and will be able to surf at 4G speeds.

The upgrade is free of charge which includes shipping and handling. Also, the 4G LTE service is at no extra cost once the hardware has been modified.

The main bit of advice given is that those sending their Xoom in, need to ensure they have backed up all data.

The update is also not mandatory which basically means, if you want it you need to request it. That request needs to be made within six months from when the offer is made or you’ll lose out.

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