Motorola Want a Windows Phone 7 Deal Like Nokia

Motorola is currently focussed on using Android in its smartphones. This could change in the future though as the CEO Sanjay Jha has recently commented that they would be willing to use Windows Phone 7 as an OS if Microsoft was willing to give them a similar deal as to what Nokia has.

Before signing any deal with Microsoft the company would need to evaluate the future of the Windows Phone 7 operating system:

However, he said that beyond Android and Apple’s iOS, it’s not clear which smartphone platforms will survive in the long term. He said he does not think all three competing ecosystems–Windows Phone, Hewlett-Packard’s webOS and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry–can survive.

This of course doesn’t mean that we will see a device any sooner although it might have caught the attention of Microsoft. If anything was to happen, expect to hear something by the end of this year.

Jha also commented on the recent problems of patent disputes between mobile companies and suggested that soon we’ll see things settle down as royalties are paid or certain technologies are avoided.


Note: Image is the Motorola Bionic (not a WP7 device).

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