Motorola TN700 and TN500 GPS Navigators Announced

Motorola are launching two new satnavs called the TN700 and the TN500. Each of the devices are described as being connected although connectivity needs to be done with a bluetooth connection to a mobile phone with a dataplan.

When connected up the Motorola satnavs use data from Google to augment the internal POI database allowing for more location based POI’s to be downloaded from the web while on the move.

The TN500 is the smaller of the two models and has as 4.3 inch widescreen. The satnav system has lane guidance and junction views along with text to speech for reading out street names.

The TN700 is a larger device with a 5.1 inch screen. This larger model also has a few additional features that includes real-time traffic updates that stream to the device real time as well as 3D landmarks. The TN700 is slightly thinner in dimensions but is a little heavier due to it being larger width and height to accommodate the bigger screen.

No firm release date is set for either device but it is expected that they will be launched the first quarter of this year. No prices are known for either device yet at the moment.

The Press Release can be found here.

Via: GPSObsessed


  1. Leo McCloskey says

    Re: Motorola TN700 and TN500 GPS Navigators Announced

    The article states that the connected Motorola PNDs (TN700 and TN500) require a data plan. This is incorrect. The connected service is done via Bluetooth connection to the consumer’s BT-capable phone (requires Hands Free Profile, HFP, only), but uses the existing voice plan of the consumer and does not require a data plan.

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