Motorola Multi Screen Patent Revealed

Motorola have filed a patent that aims to bring several mobile phones together to make one larger screen. The patent refers to this practice as a “Reconfigurable Multiple-Screen Display” and allows “multiple” phones to be put together.

It seems like the reasoning behind it is that people are not happy carrying a small screen around with them… so this would allow them to connect up all the phones together. Problem is that nobody I know carries four phones around with them kind of making it a problem. Assuming that all phones need to be Motorola too it could also cause a problem as none of my friends have a Motorola phone.

The official wording is as follows…

‘A device comprises a display arrangement which includes a plurality of displays that are movable relative to each other such that a plurality of display configurations can be achieved. Each of the display configurations provides a combined display area which is different for at least two of the display configurations. An application processor is operable to execute a plurality of user applications, each of which can provide a display output. A display driver is arranged to generate an arrangement of display output for the display arrangement from the display output of an application being executed. The display driver sets a display characteristic for the arrangement of display output in response to a characteristic of the executed application and the deployed display configuration.

Via: Gorumors

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