Motorola Motoblur Devices Arriving in Canada

Motorola have announced that three phones using Motoblur are heading to Canada. The three phones will be heading to three networks which includes Bell, Rogers and Telus and they are expected to launch with in the next 4 months.

The three Motorola handsets include the Backflip, Dext and Quench.

Motoblur is a custom user interface created by Motorola to bring social networking updates to an easy to access page on the home screen. The user interface can be configured to accept updates from Twitter, Facebook and Myspace streams which are then displayed on the home screen of the device.

As well as providing a social user interface the Motoblur interface also backs up your personal data allowing your contacts, pictures, video and email messages to be stored in “the cloud” keeping data safe and ready to restore to another phone should you loose the phone.

The downside of the three phones is that they each are pre-installed with Android 1.5 which is older than old at the moment. Hopefully users will see at least 1.6 at launch and perhaps even 2.X.

Exact details of the launches are not known just yet. It is also unknown if all three carriers will get all three phones and at what price, monthly tariff etc… We’ll post an update when we find out the finer details.

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