Motorola MILESTONE Users in Hong Kong to get Android 2.1 Update

For those using the Motorola MILESTONE over in Hong Kong, you’ll be glad to know that an Android 2.1 update will be heading your way soon.

According to several sources, Android 2.1 has been uploaded to servers ready for deployment in Hong Kong and Macau.

What we are also hearing is that a Dutch language pack has also been included in the firmware which indicates it is also heading to Europe to be rolled out soon on to MILESTONE devices over this way.

The Android 2.1 update will bring a number of features to the MILESTONE (aka DROID) device which includes live wallpapers, speed improvements and a Motorola Car Home interface for when the device is used in a car.

From what we understand the roll out schedule is due to start before the end of March although we don’t have exact details of when and where and what times, but by the end of March the devices should all be updated unless that changes again.

In regards to Motorola DROID users who were planning on getting the update last week, we are still not sure if this new rollout on the MILESTONE also indicates a roll out on the DROID equivalents in the US. We sure hope it does though.

More details at Motorola Hong Kong and Engadget

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