Motorola MILESTONE Rooted

The Motorola MILESTONE has now been rooted thanks to a group of hackers. The root follows just a few weeks behind the US version (the DROID) and now allows a bunch of applications to be installed and used that don’t work on stock ROMS.

Applications that can now run include wireless tethering, various sense clones as well as the ability to use and install various ROMS other than the official ones provided by the carriers.

The hack was able to be made thanks to a flaw in Android 2.0 that was exploited.

Of course you might be wondering how to get root on your MILESTONE and if that’s the case then the first thing to remind you of is to follow instructions carefully and don’t go crying if you brick your phone… but if you’re sound with that then the full details can be found over here.

Let us know if all runs successfully!

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