Motorola Fans Want Unlocked Bootloaders as Promised

Motorola fans appear to be getting a little frustrated with the company. Just like HTC and Sony Ericsson, Motorola had also promised fans that they would unlock bootloaders on Android devices by the end of 2011. This was subject to carrier approval. Unfortunately, not much seems to of happened with this and bootloaders are still locked in most cases. We will mention that some are unlocked, but not many.

A new petition has been created and is looking for at least 2500 signatures. Currently it stands at just over 1900 where the simple question is asked: “Motorola Mobility Inc: Unlock all smartphone bootloaders.”

The petition can be found over here which is being used to get the attention of Motorola and hopefully push them in the direction quicker so that the rest of the bootloaders can be unlocked.

XDA Developers forum members are also behind the petition and even more details about the whole issue can be found over on that website.


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