Motorola Droid X spotted on Verizon Site

The Motorola Droid X Android smartphone arrived on the Verizon [VZ] site earlier today with a number of specs revealed.

The Droid X will have a 4.3 inch screen and the screen will be 720p which from what we understand, makes it the highest res screen on the market. iPhone 4’s Retina Display will closely follow although it’s important to note that the iPhone 4 screen is smaller, so the pixels per inch could match or be very close to each other. Update: The device has a 854 x 480 display and can capture in 720p. Verizon has updated the ad.

A HDMI output port is also provided. Geeky Gadgets points out that Verizon could mean there is a 720p output rather than a 720p screen although the banner below makes it quite clear that the screen is 720p. We’ll wait for the specs to get final details of that. See update above.

Other details are not known at the moment, but from what we see in the image below it could truly be worth waiting for. An official announcement is happening next week on June 23.

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