Motorola DROID Shadow Found in a Gym

Motorola will soon launch the Motorola DROID Shadow. Just a few days ago, a DROID Shadow was spotted in a corporate Verizon [VZ] gym over in Washington. The phone was remotely locked, but just before that a text message said that the device was “unreleased”.

The new handset is believed to be the second Motorola DROID handset that will head exclusively to Verizon when launched. On the back an 8 megapixel sensor is used that can capture HD video at 720p.

The DROID Shadow has a 4.3 inch screen and when launched is expected to come standard with Android 2.2 FroYo. Launch dates are expected to be sometime in June or July.

A few details confirmed in the Verizon gym include 16GB of internal storage. A snapdragon processor that we expect will run at the full 1GHz will be found inside. The device will have a HDMI port for connecting the Shadow direct to a HDTV.

With a launch being in the next month or two, we expect that details from Motorola will follow shortly that will provide all the technical details of the new DROID handset.

Via: Gizmodo

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