Motorola DROID Pro, World Edition and Tablet Details Spotted

BGR has posted some interesting screen captures from Verizon Wireless systems [VZ] that show a few new devices are incoming.

The first smartphone mentioned is the Motorola DROID Pro that has a 4 inch display along with a fast 1.3GHz CPU. This device has the A957 model number and is apparently launching in November of this year.

The Motorola DROID 2 World Edition is also mentioned which will have a global roaming feature. This device is numbered A956 and will be available in either black or white.

A tablet device is also mentioned. The Motorola tablet will run Android and will carry the MZ600 designation. It isn’t 100% confirmed yet if this is a tablet or something different but it appears that it will be more likely be a slab touch screen Android phone.

It appears that over 170,000 of these devices have been ordered, so it seems like it will be a busy few months with Android releases at Verizon for the next few months.

Via: BGR

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