Motorola DROID Gets Multitouch Maps

Just in the last few days, Google [GOOG] announced multitouch support for the Nexus One. We now hear that a new update to the Google Maps software brings multitouch to DROID phones that use the latest version of the software.

If you have a DROID then load up the market and go grab the new version which is numbered 3.4. When installed you should have full pinch to zoom support in the mapping application.

For those of us in Europe the MILESTONE (the EU version of the DROID) already has multitouch enabled across the phone. It’s interesting to see what Google have planned for Android phones in the future. Will all come with multitouch out of the box, or will the new handsets all be restricted in the US?

Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know how it works for you and if multitouch is responsive in the latest application.

Via: Engadget


  1. Matt Laurence says

    Just checked it out – I updated maps the other day and had no idea this was rolled in! It works a treat, as our cousins across the pond might say… feels every bit as responsive and accurate as the iPhone’s multitouch, which is a BIG plus for me, since my other device is an iPod touch, and I have to deal with the day -to-day comparison (I still use that for all my media – it’s just easier to deal with media on the iPod/iPhone – maybe that will change with 2.1?). Thanks for the enhanced functionality guys!

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