Motorola DROID Being Killed Off – Rumor

Reports are showing today that the Motorola DROID could be killed off. The information comes from a capture of an end-of-life document over at Verizon.

If the leaked document (pictured below) is correct then we could soon see the DROID sales come to a halt and support eventually be ceased.

The DROID was a big hit when launched last year, but since then a number of big Android phones have been launched which makes the DROID look a tad old now. The DROID 2 has been rumoured to be coming out soon and the DROID X launched just yesterday which are all worthy replacements for the original DROID.

Also on the list are several other devices that seem to be slowly coming to an end. These include…

The Motorola Devour, Nokia’s Twist, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and four phones from Samsung (Knack, Smooth, Intensity and Saga) will all be phased out.

Does this report surprise you? Android devices have moved a long a lot since the beginning of this year so it’s not really a surprise that the Motorola DROID will be EOL soon.

Via: Mashable

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