Motorola DROID to get Android 2.2.1 Update?

The original Motorola DROID could be set to get an OTA update for Android 2.2.1. The 2.2.1 is not a major update (AKA Gingerbread), but instead is believed to bring a few minor bug fixes to the smartphone.

It appears that Motorola has alerted its group of feedback members about a small update that will be launching soon.

Although we say the update isn’t major, we have no confirmation if it is or isn’t just yet although we base what we know on the previous leaked Android 2.2.1 that appeared.

If the Motorola DROID is to get Gingerbread then I am sure that would be welcomed by all users.

On the note of Gingerbread, expect an announcement (perhaps launch) on or around December 6.

Via: Phandroid

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