Motorola DROID Android 2.2 Download Available – Unofficially

If you are willing to root your Motorola DROID and manually install a new firmware, then in the next 30 minutes you could potentially be running Android 2.2 on your device.

Android 2.2 brings a number of enhancements to Android smartphones including performance increases, Flash 10.1 and a few nice features including wireless tethering.

If you are unfamiliar with how to install the Android 2.2 upgrade then follow the instructions over at MyDroidWorld which also includes links to where you can download the Android 2.2 Froyo update along with other things you need to get it going, and the instructions too.

As with rooting any device, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the instructions and do not move to the next step till you are 100% sure you are following it precisely. The process isn’t too difficult and generally people don’t run in to problems of bricking their phone, but just be aware that sometimes it happens.

We also read in the forums that superuser and root access is also maintained with this update which is handy to know.

Let us know if you see any performance boosts from installing the Android 2.2 firmware on your Motorola DROID, or let us know if you are waiting for the official version to drop.


  1. I think i’ll wait it out. Hearing about turning your phone into a brick really doesn’t settle well with me. Hahaha.

  2. I just got Milestone with Droid 2.1 and am very frustrated. Not possible to run Flash Player or Java appl. Can not play YouTube directly from browser and many other limitations. I trade stock as a profession so really need Flash + Java + others for real-time streaming. Starting to dislike “Google” now. Thinking of the upgrade but bricking it would be like shooting myself in the foot. Do you know when will 2.2 be avaialble offcicially? Many thanks!

  3. Davebowes says

    Just Want To Let Everybody Know…This Works Perfect…Im On Motorola Droid Now With 2.2 Installed… Adobe Flash Player 10.1….Im Now Able To Watch Videos On Almost All Websites…There’s A Huge Notice In Speeds..Havent Done The Wireless Tethering but It Probaly Works….This Is Great….Once Everything Was Done…I Installed Rom Manager Premium And Thru That I Upgraded To CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC1 And Im In Love….Droid’s Rock The World

    Need Help Email Me At [email protected]

    Thanks So Much

  4. So, I’m debating upgrading my droid with this (unofficial version). I’m not sure I’ll really need the wireless hotspot feature – so what else is this version (that’s not in the official version I’ll get soon) that’s worth voiding my warranty for?

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