Motorola DROID to get Android 2.1 Update This Week

The Motorola DROID is about to get an update to the latest version of Android bringing the phone from version 2 to version 2.1. We expected this would happen eventually but it came as a surprise hearing that Motorola are actually going to release the update this week.

Other devices are also mentioned by Motorola to be getting an upgrade, although no specifics are given as to what phones these might be, or what the upgrade might be, hopefully that means other phones running Android from the company will also get an update to 2.1. What we don’t know is if 2.1 will be going to other phones just yet, or perhaps they are announcing 1.6 – 2.0 upgrades. We’ll keep an eye out this week and announce when we hear anything.

The news came from the official Motorola page found over on Facebook. If you want updates as they happen then head on over there and join the group.

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