Motorola DROID to get Android 2.1 Thursday

We recently found out that the Motorola DROID was going to be getting an Android 2.1 update this month sometime. The exact date has now been provided and is happening tomorrow (March 18).

The updates won’t all happen at once with some upgrades starting before others although there should only be a day or two delay between updates with them finishing by the weekend from what we understand.

The information has come from a screen capture that shows the release date and what is included in the update and says the roll outs will start at 12pm EST.

When the Motorola DROID updates it should bring it inline with the Google Nexus One although it’s unclear at the moment exactly how good it will be compared to the Nexus One.

Via: MobileCrunch and Droid Life


  1. Motorola Droid Bluetooth—so ear piece can make call while driving rather than have to take hold of the phone.

  2. How can you state “we will see”, its been out for over a week now and it has proven to be a worthy contender, just in its beta stage. So I think its going to surpass the Nexus One.

  3. Still no flash???

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