Motorola Devour Launching Soon

BGR managed to get hold of some details related to the launch dates of the Motorola Devour. The Devour will be launching on February 25th on indirect channels at authorised distributors and the following month on March 15th to all channels. Pricing in this instance is not known due to Verizon (who will be the carrier) not listing prices on the leaked documents.

A number of sources have mentioned to BGR that the price point is expected to be $99 for the smartphone thoughwhich is not a bad price if it happens.

Motorola Devour Technical Details

The Motorola Devour has a 3.1 inch touchscreen that has a HVGA resolution displaying 320 x 480 pixels with 65K colours as well as a slide out QWERTY keyboard that slides out of the left side of the screen. For connectivity the Devour has Bluetooth v2.0+EDR and supports the usual headset, handsfree, stereo, phonebook and Audio/Visual remote control profiles. Wireless is also included that is compatible with 802.11b/g networks. GPS can also be found in the device providing location based services.

For connectivity to networks the Devour connects to All-Digital, 800/1900, CDMA EVDO rev A networks. On the back of the phone is a 3.0 megapixel camera with software that allows it to easily upload videos created to services such as YouTube.

The operating system on the phone is provided by Google [GOOG] and is Android 1.6 (Donut) running the MOTOBLUR overlay. The phone is capable of integrating with Microsoft Exchange although it’s not clear right now if that includes contacts and calendar sync. We think perhaps not as the specs do mention compatibility with Google Calendar but no mention of the Calendar on Exchange.

For storage the phone comes with an 8GB microSD card pre-installed although cards up to 16GB in capacity are supported. Flash memory and RAM internally is set to 512MB/256MB respectively. The processor used on the Devour comes from Qualcomm and is the MSM7626 CPU which I believe is clocked at 600MHz. Other than that it’s a fairly standard Android device with plenty of applications available in the market place. If the $99.99 price tag is correct then it’s not a bad phone for the money it seems.

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