Motorola Charm Going to T-Mobile on August 25

Next week, Motorola will launched the Motorola Charm mobile phone. The Charm will launch on August 25 on to the T-Mobile network. Price wise, it will cost $74.99 along with a contract.

The Motorola Charm is a QWERTY Android smartphone that has a small screen up top with a keyboard below it. The screen is in landscape mode and has capacitive touch from what we can see in the video. On the back is a 3 megapixel camera.

On the back of the Charm is a small trackpad allowing you to easily scroll around menus if needed.

A video demonstration of the Motorola Charm can be seen below that shows briefly what the phone can do. It actually looks quite impressive and handy for those who like the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard layout but fancy a change to Google Android instead.

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