Motorola Backflip Android Smartphone on AT&T

AT&T have announced the availability of the Motorola Backflip which is the first Android phone to hit AT&T. The Backflip will be launched on March 7 in stores and online.

The Backflip features a 3.1 inch high-res screen. For connectivity the phone has 3G allowing it to connect up at speeds of 7.2MBps depending on the network quality in the area you are in. Other connectivity includes wireless, and AT&T will give access to their 20,000 hotspots across the US as part of the data plan that is included with the device.

The phone has a 5 megapixel camera and has software included that allows photos to be shared and uploaded online.

When launched on March 7, the Motorola Backflip will cost $99.99 (after the usual $100 mail-in rebate) and requires that a two year agreement is signed. You’ll also need to purchase a dataplan to go with the phone.

The phone it’s self looks quite interesting. The unique thing about this phone is the QWERTY keyboard that doesn’t slide out like other QWERTY devices. In this case the keyboard flips over (hence the backflip name) and reveals a touchpad (like a laptop) on the back of the keyboard to scroll around the menus with. The user interface is MOTOBLUR which allows for social media interaction as well as presenting all the information you need in widget form in the same location. Overall an impressive looking phone at a good price.

The video below shows how the BACKFLIP functions and what features can be found inside.

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  1. kadijah whitfield says

    Is a motroloa blackflip a smartphone and what is the plan for this phone if i want to buy it

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