Motion Sensing Devices

Motion sensors or accelerometers are little devices that fit inside electronic devices which allow the device to know when it is moved and which way it is tilted and at what speed it moved. With these sensors a computer or similar device can get a whole new dimension in the way it is controlled. One of the more popular devices to use this technology is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii has a controller which has accelerometers inside and this allows your actions to be converted in to movement on the screen. Take the bowling game for example, you hold down a button, pull your arm back and move your arm forwards as though you were bowling the ball. Twisting your wrist allows for spin to be added to the ball. Accelerometers are cool and becoming more popular in devices.
Nintendo Wii Controller

As well as being in gaming controllers you can find accelerometers in cameras, phones and laptop computers. The iPhone from Apple which is due out soon features a sensor which when the phone is turned on its side the image follows rotating it in to landscape mode. As well as being able to follow the movement there, the phone can also sense when it is lifted up to your ear when on a call and it then switches the screen off to save battery power.

The Apple PowerBook is also another device to feature sensors in allowing for all sorts of different applications to make use of them. Some of the more simple ideas are controls for your music. You tap the laptop to the left to skip back, tap it to the right to jump forwards and tilt it to play.

For such a tiny device the accelerometer is a great device which is appearing more in mobile phones and gaming devices. Although in some cases they do not do much they are still cool little devices which can add a new dimension to your device and well worth looking out for.

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