Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen

mossad_reappearing_ink_pen-exampleIf you have the need to hide your notes then this reappearing ink pen will do the trick. You can write as normal on a sheet of paper and when the paper heats up the ink disappears. To get the disappearing ink to come back you simply need to cool the paper down and the message reappears in tact.

The pen uses special temperature sensitive ink that doesn’t just work the once. When you write on a sheet of paper it will always disappear and reappear depending on the temperature of the paper.

The pen is a gel pen that does not require you to press hard on the paper making it even harder for those snooping around your notes to actually realise there is anything there (no indentations are left on the paper).

Just 1 note… the pen only works on white paper only.

Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen Features

* This super spy pen has ink that disappears when you apply heat and reappears when you apply cold.
* Gel ink disappears at 140° F and reappears at 15° F
* Tip Size: 0.7mm
* Ink Color: Black
* Dimensions: approx. 5.5″ long

Available from ThinkGeek costing $29.99.


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