MORE/REAL Stylus Cap for Capacitive Touch Tablets

The MORE/REAL Stylus cap has been designed to use with devices such as the iPad, iPhone and any other tablet or smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen. The Stylus Cap is a small cap that comes in three versions with one specific for a brand of pen.

The first is compatible with the Sharpie Finepoint, the next caps a Bic Round Stic and the third is the correct size for a Pilot Fineliner.

On the end is a small rubber tip that can pass a small charge to the capacitive touchscreen making the screen detect input from that just like it would detect a finger.

Unfortunately, the Stylus Cap isn’t available just yet as it’s over on the Kick Starter website looking for funds to start manufacturing the cap. However, a demonstration of the prototypes can be seen in the embedded video below which shows several artists using the iPad and iPhone to draw on.

Full details available at KickStarter.

Via: Unplggd

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