More iPhone Leaks

The iPhone 5 release date is expected to fall in the next 4 to 6 weeks. As we continue to get closer to the launch date we continue to see more leaks and information about the device. As Apple is very secretive about products the only information comes from small leaks which sometimes are correct and other times not at all. Rather than being just 1 device launching this time around, we have heard that Apple will be launching 2 devices which includes the new designed iPhone 5 and a budget iPhone 4s.

What we see next are a few parts on what are believed to be an iPhone 4s. This new device is believed to be codenamed the N94 and be a smaller 8GB version of the iPhone 4. We also hear there’s an N97 model being tested which is believed to be the iPhone 5.

This first image above comes from Macpost who believe it is an iPhone 4s which will look almost identical to the current iPhone 4.

These cases above are also believed to be the iPhone 4s although there are a few subtle changes to the layout such as a modified antenna design as well as a lack of home button location on the device.

Reports indicate that they are from yet to be released hardware although no confirmation will be available until Apple make a formal announcement in the next month or so.


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