More Hints At Apple Releasing iPhone 5 and iPhone 4-plus

The rumour of Apple releasing two new iPhone models in the next few weeks has surfaced again. We now hear reports from J.P.Morgan that suggests Apple [AAPL] will release an iPhone 5 as well as what it referes to as an iPhone 4-plus.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be the big launch here which is expected to have a complete redesign with rumours also hinting at a slightly larger screen and a metalic back with tapered edges.

The new iPhone 5 stands to be based on the iPad 2?s A5 processor or a newer A6 version. We also expect 1GB of RAM to increase memory access times. Other improvements are increased battery life due to advancement in battery technologies, the printed circuit board (PCB), the touch screen, and LCD power consumption metrics.

The iPhone 4-plus (or iPhone 4s) is expected to keep the iPhone 4 design but have a few boosted specs such as a faster processor along with a bit more RAM. The iPhone 4-plus is expected to become the new entry level smartphone that will replace the $99 iPhone 3GS.

Back to the iPhone 5 and the rumours we have already heard several times. A few features include a larger screen (3.7 to 4 inches) as well as a faster A5 or A6 processor and 1GB of RAM. Memory capacity is expected to stay at 16GB and 32GB. We also hear it will be a World Phone which means it will be compatible on both CDMA and GSM networks. At the moment there are two models available with one for GSM and the other for Verizon. On the back an 8 megapixel camera is expected as well as a CCD that can handle low-light pictures better.

Finally, we’ve also heard it will arrive on T-Mobile and Sprint when it launches in the US.

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