Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation for iPad

Mophie already have the Juice Pack for the iPhone. The company has now launched a similar version, this time for the iPad.

The new iPad power pack is called the Juice Pack Powerstation. What it does is provides extra juice for the iPad while you are on the move. Up to 2.1 amps of charging output can be achieved. The capacity of the battery is 3600mAh making it the most powerful external battery pack for the iPad available.

As well as charging the iPad and other iDevices, the powerpack also has a USB output and allows you to charge various devices that use USB for getting power.

The device is capable of switching between three mAh output ratings which include 500mAg, 1A and 2.1A on the higher end.

Price wise, the charger costs $100 and is available from either Apple or on the Mophie website.

Via: TechChee and Coolest Gadgets

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