Modu Android Prototype Appears

A new Android smartphone from Modu has been spotted in the wild. Phandroid have dubbed it ModuPhone for now and managed to get some pictures of it uploaded to their site.

The phone has a block-ish style design and has a pure plastic bezel around the edges. The device it’s self lacks 3G for some reason which leaves you getting data at speed via WiFi only. This however, could be because of it being a prototype at the moment, so we’ll keep an eye on that missing point.

The device has an FM radio, stylus, resistive touchscreen (not confirmed but likely because of the addition of a stylus), a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

The ModuPhone looks to be running Android 1.5 or perhaps 1.6 at the most which is a shame. Lets just hope this is a very early prototype and that 3G gets added as well as a decent screen and a newer version of Android.

The video below shows a quick demo and comparison of the device…

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