Modified Camera and Proximity Sensor Found in White iPhone 4

Now that the white iPhone 4 has arrived, 9 months late, it’s time to take a quick look inside to see what changes have been made. We hear that the device is 0.2mm thicker than the black version and this could be to do with extra UV filtering on the front panel that Apple needed to add. (Phil Schiller doesn’t agree to that though… tweet now deleted).

Differences that have also been found are the camera and the proximity sensor which have both been modified a little. This could be for a number of reasons, but more than likely it’s the fix to what was broken on the original white iPhone 4 when it didn’t launch due to technical problems. Alternatively, it could be just different parts as the new white version has been manufactured a lot later.

From what we understand, the sensor is the same but with changes to the “magnitude of the incident light” differ between each model.

The real reason for the delays is not known, but some people are reporting light leaking in to photos from the flash is one reason. With the extra UV protection on the front panel, the device also might run in to problems with high levels of UV and hence, a filter was needed.

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