Mobile Gmail Gets Multiple Sign-In Service

Gmail for mobile has received a few handy updates today. The first of these is a new multiple sign-in service that lets users sign in to more than one account on a single device. This has been available on the desktop version for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen it on mobile.

To login to a second account you need to click on the account switcher which is found at the bottom of the page and then select “Sign into another account…” at which point you can login and access emails from multiple accounts.

Another handy feature comes in the way of signatures. When sending emails from a mobile it’s common to get a typo or autocorrect problem. The iPhone uses a default “Sent from my iPhone” which can help users understand the problem. With Gmail being a web service it isn’t configured the same way. But, the new change released today now lets you select a mobile signature and a desktop signature. When signing in on a phone you can now have the system automatically use a different signature.

One other feature added is the auto-responder. Gmail for mobile now lets you set the auto-responder while on the go. Options include the ability to set the start and end date of the auto responder so you don’t forget to switch it off at the end.

The services are available now on your mobile browser.


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