Mitsubishi to Upscale HD to UHD 4K2K Resolutions

Mitsubishi have demonstrated a new technology that they are creating that is capable of up-scaling HD content to 4K2K resolutions, or Ultra High-Def as it’s sometimes referred to as.

The technology used is compatible with 1.4 HDMI although at the moment it for some reason, cannot upscale Blu-Ray content.

The software has been designed with the future in mind when 1080p HD eventually gets out-dated and leads way in to higher resolutions.

Although upscaling to 4K2K might not yield the exact results you want, I guess at some point in the future some people will dump their 1080p TV LCD screens in favour of something bigger and better, but yet still want the ability to play their old content.

Via: Akihabara

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