Mitsubishi i MIEV Sport – Concept

The iMIEV sport is a concept car from Mitsubishi. The car has a couple of interesting features such as a solar roof and two compact wind turbines in the front grill. These two features help increase the range of the car slightly by keeping the batteries more charged. Another feature to assist charging the batteries is a regenerative braking system which pushes charge back in to the batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are stored underneath the floor where the passengers sit.

The lighting on the car LED which allows for more energy to be conserved. To allow the car to run cooler inside the windows are heat absorbing so that less heat travels in to where the passengers sit.

Seems like a cool idea although I cannot say I like the look of it too much. If it can give the electrics that extra boost then all must be good.

Via: TreeHugger

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