Mitsubishi D902iS

The Mitsubishi D902is is a new slider phone that will hit the market imminently¦ in Japan that is. Europe has to sit and wait to see when this will hit its shores, but when, and if, it does, this phone will be sure to raise some eyebrows. It is packed with a ton of features. All of its features are crammed into it’s 110 x 49 x 19.9mm chassis. It has a huge 400 x 240 screen, a better then average 4 megapixel camera with MP4 video recording. A MiniSD slot and can browse the web at a handy 384kbps. Unfortunatly the word is that this is not expected to leave Japan and thus, us lot are left to drool.


Via: Engadget


  1. I have a cell d902is who buys in japan and wanted to know how to unlock myself for use in brazil

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