Minput Multipoint Optical Tracking Device turns Small Devices in to Mice

Minput is a device that uses a couple of optical sensors to track movement on a device such as an MP3 player. By moving the device around, various menu functions can be accessed. By using optical sensors on a device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone, it gives you the option to use the device as its own computer mouse.

e.g., a matchbook-sized media player that is essentially all screen on its front side. The device could be operated using any convenient surface, e.g., a table or palm. The use of two tracking elements enables not only conventional x/y tracking, but also rotation, providing a more expressive design space. The latter motion is calculated by taking the difference in velocities of the two sensors.

The system is made possible, according to it’s creator Chris Harrison thanks to the cost of sensors dropping and yet, being extremely precise. The video below shows a demonstration of how it works and what kind of functions it could bring to a device such as an MP3 player. Application doesn’t just stay with an MP3 player though as this functionality could be moved to a mobile phone for example.

More details at CMU.

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