MiniPAK Fuel Cell Charger – Pre-Orders Now Available

The MiniPAK is a gadget that charges your mobile phone and other portable electronic devices. It uses Hydrogen to power gadgets and is capable of powering devices that require up to 2W of power.

The Hydrogen comes from what the company calls HydroSTIK’s that provide the 2W of power at 5V and 400mA. Power is delivered through a micro USB port that you can connect a multi-choice cable to.

We first wrote about the new charging gadget last month and actually first saw some details of it at CES earlier this year. The good news here is that the company behind it are starting to accept pre-orders.

Pre-orders can be taken over on the official website here where the MiniPAK with two solid state Hydro Refills come supplied with the device. It costs $99.99 to purchase the MiniPAK.

As well as offering the MiniPAK, the company also will be selling the HydroSTIK ($9.99) and the HydroFILL ($499.99). The HydroFILL is a device that can refil the HydroSTIK’s so you always have a source of power.

The HydroFILL it’s self uses water and electricity to work although the company also offer a small solar panel to power the HydroFILL. The solar panel costs $649.99.

It does cost quite a bit for the kit although in time, we suspect prices will drop as the technology becomes more mainstream. We can’t wait to test one out though as it looks like some impressive kit!


  1. I like the shape on this gadget.

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