Mini Golf Course for the Home

par3-mini-golf-courseThis fun gadget is a Par 3 Mini Golf course that is designed to be used in your garden.

par3-mini-golf-course-partsThe Par 3 Mini Golf Course comes with 21 pieces that you snap together to create a fun mini course in your garden. Included parts include 3 straight, 3 curved and 3 unique greens as well as 3 flags, 3 opbstacles (clown, spinner and windmill) as well as 2 putters and a couple of golf balls. Finally to finish the course off you have a starting plate and a tunnel to add a bit of fun.

The course can be put together as you wish so that you can have some variety in things. It is ideal for those aged 2 and above (like me… 32 is included there) and costs $45.

Product Page Via: Coolest-Toys

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