Mikey For Flip Announced – Microphone Accessory

Mikey is a device that attaches to the bottom of Flip cameras that use FlipPort. The external microphone allows professional quality audio whilst capturing video on the camera.

Blue Microphones, the company behind the Mikey explain it as follows…

a professional-quality external microphone that lets Flip Video™ users capture even better sound for their Flip videos. As part of the new Designed for Flip™ accessory line, Mikey for Flip connects to all FlipPort™-enabled Flip video cameras and features Blue Microphones’ premium capsules for enhanced recording of everything from a whisper to a rock concert.

“We are excited to offer this new Mikey model to provide Flip Video owners with expanded audio recording capabilities,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Mikey for Flip helps users maximize the audio quality of their Flip videos with an easy-to-use, portable microphone that connects directly to the camera, and delivers great audio in any situation.”

The Mikey has two sensitivity settings which are Loud and Automatic. This lets the microphone capture audio at any volume level and capture it clearly. A mic input jack is also included that allows other external microphones to be connected up as required for situations such as interviews or capturing sound away from the camera.

The Mikey is powered by a AAA battery and has automatic power-on. It uses an external source from the Flip so that power on the Flip is conserved.

The Mikey for Flip is launching at CES 2011 and will cost $69.

More information here.

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