Microsoft Xbox 360 UK Shortages

Microsoft [MSFT] only just launched the new Xbox 360 slim here in the UK and already stores are reporting that they have shortages of the games console.

Retailers are indicating that it could take a week or two to replenish stock leaving a number of people without the new console for the next week or so. It isn’t clear if all locations have sold out or if very limited stocks are available. Either way, if you want to get hold of one, it’s best to make a few calls around local stores so you can try track one down that way.

The new Xbox 360 has received a new hard drive, a port to connect and power the new Microsoft Kinect when it launched. It has five USB ports with two of those being on the front of the console. Touch sensitive buttons can be found on the console to power it on and off much like the PlayStation 3.

Other features include a provided HDMI cable, smaller and lighter PSU as well as integrated Wireless 802.11n.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Wow, didn’t expect it to be that popular… it really just is the console it should have been from the beginning!

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