Microsoft XBox 360 Slim Spotted

Adverts for a new XBox 360 console appeared briefly on a number of sites this weekend. The ads revealed that Microsoft [MSFT] could be introducing the Microsoft XBox 360 slim sometime soon.

Update: Google Translate indicates the text in the image says… “alive today ready for the future of tomorrow Technology”.

The advert also revealed Kinect which is the new name for the XBox 360 Project Natal (more information on that shortly). What we also see in the Microsoft advert is a slimmer XBox 360 along with details that a 250GB hard drive can be found inside. WiFi is also included from what we understand in the advert.

Nothing official has been announced by Microsoft and it appears that the ads showing might have been running a little earlier, or that they “might” not be real. We doubt the latter as it would be a pointless task for someone to buy up a load of adspace for a few hours only to pull the ads.

With the ads showing early, it could mean we are set to get some news this week, perhaps even today, so we’ll keep our eyes open and let you know if Microsoft decided to provide the official details including specs, pricing and release dates.

The video below shows the ad that was running. It isn’t in English but you get the drift of what’s happening in the ad.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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