Microsoft Xbox 360 Best Seller in June

NPD Group is reporting that the Xbox 360 was the best selling console in June this year. The console sold 29,200 or so more units than the Nintendo Wii which stands in second place.

The results do not include portable consoles such as the Nintendo DS that actually was the top-selling system of the month. But for home consoles, it’s a decent lead to have above the Wii.

A significant increases in sales has been seen when comparing the sales numbers from June 2010 to June 2009 which indicate a 35 percent increase in console sales thanks to more interest in the 360 and PS3.

On the flip side of the coin, software sales have declined.

Going forward, NPD analysts predict that a “strong slate of content still to come” as well as the release of the PlayStation Move and Kinect will spark additional interest in gaming and raise sales. Total revenues are expected to be anywhere between $18 billion and $21 billion.

Via: 1up

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