Microsoft Windows Update Record Set – 17 Bulletins, 40 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft [MSFT] has set a new record this patch Tuesday when it sent out 17 security bulletins that tackled 40 vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and related software (such as Office).

This is the third time this year that a record has been set. The Windows Update patches in October 2010 had 16 bulletins accompanying them althoughthere were 49 actual vulnerabilities addressed at that time.

The 17 bulletins released this month for Windows Update, contain two critical fixes which are MS10-090 and MS10-091. These fix problems in Internet Explorer as well as the operating system. These patches should be deployed first according to Microsoft.

We recommend you test now and patch soon after that. With the Christmas holiday week coming up, you might want to get these installed sooner rather than later so you’re not stuck in an office when you don’t want to be.

Update: When we say test, we mean test. Pete from the comments below had an unbootable system after installing. Make sure you create a backup first so you can roll back if needed.

The official details can be found over here at Microsoft.

Via: InformationWeek


  1. Pete Warner says

    I installed these updates this morning, after which I could no longer boot into Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. No matter what I tried I could NOT even boot into safe mode. Thankfully, I run daily system image backups and was able to restore from my last image. Thank you one again, Microsoft!

  2. I had 3 PC’s with major problems. 3 of the office update would never install, the shutdown would hang with “operations are in progress” but those would never finish – even waiting 2 hours, etc. But even testing may be spotty – it worked fine in other cases so this seems to be a random bummer …

  3. After my 17 updates, I am getting the non-genuine notice. My copy is legit, purchased through bestbuy with the laptop over a year ago. I have the recovery disks but since it is a netbook without a drive, they are useless. I could buy an external drive or try to get support or just hack it. Seems easier to hack than to be a real MS customer.


    I will be adding dual boot of Chrome OS

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