Microsoft Windows Phone Mango Gets RTM

Microsoft has announced on the Windows Phone Blog that the Windows Phone development team have now released to manufacturing the latest version of WP7 called Mango. What the RTM phase means is that the code is now handed out to smartphone manufacturers so they can begin testing on new hardware and prepare their smartphones for launch on to various networks around the world.

As well as new smartphones getting the new Mango version of the OS, Microsoft is also working on the update process so that those who use WP7 smartphones already will eventually get the Windows Phone Mango update.

Several features of Mango include:

· Our unique new email Conversation View which helps me to efficiently participate in long email discussions with my friends and co-workers.
· Threads that bring together my text, IM, and Facebook chat all into one conversation.
· App Multitasking, enabling me to efficiently work on my email, listen to music, and then pop in and out of Words By Post games when it is my turn. Mango also connects apps to search results and deepens integration within the Hubs like Music and Video and Pictures.
· Internet Explorer 9 for fast web browsing and support for new HTML 5 web sites.

A few months ago, Microsoft created the video below to give a glimpse of what Windows Phone Mango will be capable of.


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