Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7

We first heard of Windows Embedded Compact 7 when the ASUS Eee Pad was revealed on Monday. Microsoft [MSFT] has now announced in a press release exactly what the new operating system is and what it is capable of.

As part of this effort to deliver richer customer experiences across a variety of scenarios, Microsoft will unveil the public community technology preview (CTP) for Windows Embedded Compact 7, the next generation of Microsoft’s widely used Windows Embedded Compact platform for hardware manufacturers of specialized devices. With a $9.5 billion annual investment in research and development, Microsoft is committed to continued innovation and bringing new products to market that meet the needs of customers.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 includes the following features…
* Rich and connected experiences for consumers. Windows Embedded Compact 7 gives consumers the ability to share and manage content across networked devices with Digital Living Network Alliance, such as new HDTVs, and a new media library.

* Simplified access to information for enterprise users. Windows Embedded Compact 7 makes it easier to connect to corporate e-mail, calendar and contacts over enterprise networks through Microsoft AirSync and Microsoft Exchange, as well as to Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF viewers to access important documents, and to Windows 7 Device Stage to transfer data and media between PCs and devices.

* Resources for hardware manufacturers and developers. Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides resources to help bring high-performing, highly reliable and differentiated specialty devices to market quicker with support for multicore and the latest asset relationship management-based architecture and tools, including Platform Builder, Visual Studio, Expression Blend and Silverlight for Windows Embedded.

It appears that the goal of Windows Embedded Compact 7 is to get the OS on devices that cannot quite run Windows 7 comfortably, but have more to give than a Windows Phone 7 device, ie a tablet device. It is expected that this new OS will run in competition with iPhone OS used on the iPad and Android.

Via: Engadget

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