Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7 Mango on September 1 – Rumour

It is likely that Microsoft will be launching the next version of Windows Phone 7 to users on September 1st. The new update codenamed Mango will be made available to those compatible devices.

Until Pocket-Lint found the release date, the only date we knew of was Fall. The launch date of September 1st ties in with the IFA electronics show in Berlin where a number of companies will be able to show off hardware running the Mango operating system.

The Mango update to Windows Phone 7 is fairly big and brings a number of improvements to the operating system. Microsoft created this video that presented a number of the features (you can also find the video embedded below).

After Mango launches, we’ll also see the launch of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device which is one certainly worth looking out for. Expect to see that device towards the end of October this year.

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