Microsoft Tag for Android Launched

Microsoft has launched a new Android App called Microsoft Tag. The application isn’t brand new in that it’s just new to Android based phones as it’s been available for other mobile devices for a while now.

The Microsoft [MSFT] Tag application lets you scan barcodes on the go. It works similar to how a QRCode works in that specific information is stored in the MS Tag barcode that can be deciphered by the Android Tag application.

To get the application you need to visit the Android Market and download it from there. The application is free to download and is available now and appears to work on all current versions of Android meaning 1.6 and 2.X.

It’s certainly an interesting move seeing Microsoft launch an application on to Google’s [GOOG] operating system although Tag has been available on various other OS’s for a while now which would indicate MS is just interested in getting their new application noticed.

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