Microsoft Tablet to be Announced Today

We have heard on a weekly basis about Apple [AAPL] building a tablet device probably to be called the Apple iSlate. What we haven’t heard much about is Microsoft [MSFT] creating a tablet other than a couple of mentions of the Microsoft Courier a few months ago that’s more of a split screen booklet rather than a tablet. What we hear today though is that Steve Ballmer will be unveiling a tablet at CES during his keynote speech.

If this happens it will come weeks before a rumoured unveiling of Apple’s iSlate which could either be a good or a bad thing. If done right then it wont be another “me-too” type device and hopefully this is the case.

The NYT reported that Microsoft and HP are working together on the device but it is currently unknown how much involvement each of the companies have and where Microsoft’s contributions end.

Rumoured features for the Microsoft Tablet are that it will have a multitouch screen, perhaps two of them if it’s the Courier that will be launched and will have e-reader functionality. Hopefully it will offer a lot more than that as it certainly would be a me too device if it was just a multi-touch eReader.

Regarding the OS for the Microsoft Tablet, rumours point towards Windows 7. For now this is all just rumour, but we expect to hear for sure later on today when the official announcement will be made.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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