Microsoft Surface Computer

Microsoft Surface Computer
The Microsoft Surface Computer is a pretty cool device. It allows you to interact with your phone, camera and other devices through a surface type screen mounted in a table. The screen is multi touch allowing for greater interactivity between you and the computer. Sensors under the surface can detect when a device is placed on to the screen. Once the device is detected you can drag and drop images, video or appointments on to the device and all the connectivity is taken care of through wireless signals. If you have a photo you just took at a party and someone wants a copy then just place the camera and a phone on it and drag the picture across and the rest is taken care of.

Making use of a dynamic and interactive surface has many uses. A whiteboard could be kept on the wall or work surface in the kitchen and recipes could be downloaded, transferred for example.

The device will not primarily be made available to end users though for the home. It will mainly be directed towards shops and presentations. It could allow for easier browsing of an online catalogue for example.

A video below shows the surface computer in action. Just check out the ability to throw photos around and enlarge or shrink them. It really is cool to see!

Via: TechCrunch

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