Microsoft SkyDrive Metro App for Windows 8 Detailed

Microsoft will be launching a SkyDrive App for Windows 8 later this year. The new app will have the ability to work on the desktop and keep in sync with a account online. When files are edited locally, they are then updated to the cloud version of the file (and vice-versa).

Files supported can be up to 2GB in size and all files can be dragged and dropped in to the desktop folder. Normal SkyDrive files are restricted to 100MB each and you can upload up to 25GB of files for free. It isn’t clear if the 25GB limit will be held for the users of this official Microsoft app.

To put it in simple terms, it looks like it works the same way as DropBox does in that you simply have a folder that connects up to an account online and when you put other folders and files in that folder, they get synced online and can then be accessed and edited from other devices as and when needed.

Although the app isn’t too exciting, it’s still a welcomed addition as there are many SkyDrive users who will want easy access to their files.


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