Microsoft Office 2010 Available Now

Microsoft [MSFT] has launched Microsoft Office 2010. The Office suite comes in three different versions which includes the Office 2010 Student version which costs £84.51 in the UK. This Office package includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. The student version can be installed on three computers around the home.

The next model up is the business version that jumps up to £187.44 in price. The extra package included in the Business version is Microsoft Outlook allowing you to use Exchange server which in turn, includes the calendar, tasks, notes and all other features that Exchange uses. Of course, Outlook also lets you use POP3, IMAP and various other types of mail servers.

The top end package is Office 2010 Professional which costs a hefty £357.19. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access making it the full package of applications.

US versions available here and UK versions available here.

If you are a student then you can pick up the Professional version for £49.99. You need to have a account to qualify for that pricing. However, that gives a HUGE saving over the full price of £357.19.

Although pricey, I do quite like the Office 2010 Beta I previously used as it ran far quicker than previous versions and especially when using the search function in Outlook.

Will you be buying Office 2010? or will you stick to Google Docs and other free services?

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