Microsoft Muscle Control System lets you play Air-Guitar Hero

A new system has been created by Microsoft that could see Guitar Hero being played with an air guitar. The system is called the muscle computer interface.

The new technology uses EMG sensors places around muscles in the arms that detect movement from your hands and fingers. By placing the sensors on to the arm it allows for a more hands free operation for times when you are unable to hold a remote control or game controller. Other ideas are that of controlling an iPod type device while jogging allowing you to switch tracks or change volume by just flexing a muscle or two.

As the sensor detects muscle movement you are still able to hold on to a bag or cup for example and still tense your finger(s) for the system to recognise movement. Although the system does look to be a number of years away from being usable day to day it’s still interesting to see the demonstration video below showing the air-guitar and other applications for the technology.

The video below shows a wired system with several wires being attached to the arm. Towards the end of the video you’ll see that the team are actually working on wireless EMG sensors for a cleaner application to the arm in the form of an arm band. What’s next though… EMG implants?

Via: GizmoWatch

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